Heartland Mission



“CONTRIBUTE TO THE NEEDS OF THE SAINTS”                               Romans 12:13

There is a small town in rural Ethiopia called  Kararo. The town never had a strong Christian influence. In fact, there were only about 10 Christians there only a year ago. Kararo was mainly Muslim. But that began to change when a man from the town   traveled outside that community and was touched by the Gospel and became a follower of Jesus. He partnered with the Mekane Yesus Church (our Lutheran partner church) and explored the possibility of putting a Christian school in the town. It would be a school that welcomed girls and even would have a separate bathroom for them. The school has really taken off.  More and more people became followers of Jesus. In fact 17 people were baptized on one Sunday. There are now well over 100 believers in that small community. 

There are so many children at the school that it now needs 3 more classrooms. The total cost is estimated at about $17,000. This is daunting goal for one church.  However First Lutheran of Floresville, Texas has invited Bethel to join them in raising this money. Bethel is hopefully going to use their Lenten midweek offerings to join the cause. Here’s my challenge as your Dean. What if we as a District joined our resources together? What if it was our support that helped this town turn to Jesus?  Do you think that God might just bless this effort beyond measure? If mission driven is a CORE VALUE OF OUR NALC, well then here is a perfect opportunity to make that possible. If you would like more information, or want to sign on, please contact me at 317 727-0612. Know that we will grow the church as we grow God’s people!

Dean Doug Gast


Heartland Mission-Wide March “Stuff the Truck” events were a success.

Congregations Participating with Kits/Items were: St. John’s in Fort Wayne, Living Faith in Wabash, Bethel in Noblesville, St. James in Greenfield, and Peace Lutheran in Connersville. Thank You all very much!

A fair amount of what was collected from St. John’s and Living Faith was distributed that same day in Selma and Winchester, IN.

Items collected included: 76 Quilts, 83 Flood Buckets, 73 Health Kits, About 12 hand tools.

A special thanks to those congregations who made cash donations to the Heartland Mission District Disaster Response Account. The cash is appreciated and is valuable.

Many Mission trips will be needed to provide assistance in Indiana and Ohio. Mary Bates is coordinating these trips.

Enjoying great fellowship doing the Lord’s work,
Dan Richardson
Acting Heartland Mission District Disaster Response Coordinator